Whenever your family likes traveling you can, never be stopped by baby bottles while there are disposable sterilized drop-in liners. They are best for traveling with your baby. Liners just help lighten your load when you are out full day. You do not need to take many bottles with you.

You need to take a single bottle with pre-sterilized disposable drop in liners that help for quick preparation for feeding and minimal clean up. When your baby is hungry pop in a liner in the bottle, fill up baby formula or breast milk, attach nipple and it’s feed time. We use this pre-sterilized liners that offer a guaranteed clean bottle every time.


.Baby bottle with drop in liner







After every use the liners are disposed and new one is used per feeding. This gives mothers peace of mind knowing that everything is sterilized. Most importantly the prevent leakage.

It is very important to heat the formula before preparing the bottle with drop in liners, as convenient as the are but the can not be heated or microwaved.

Baby bottle with anti-colic system

Infants and young children cannot drink formula or breast milk from a cup but drink directly from baby bottle. Mothers should choose best bottles with anti- colic systems. The bottle with this feature is said to be perfect.








Vented bottles, with this system make better choice as the reduce discomfort of unwanted gas and colic. Babies will be happy and enjoy feeding.


vented bottle








Through vents the produce better air circulation, prevent formation of vacuum and teats collapse making milk flow easily. They are naturally designed to contract like mom’s breast while breast feeding and prevent leakage.

Disposable sterilized baby bottle bag

Sometimes the are called cold water sterilizer bag for travel. The bag carriers bottles and can be used with foreign cold water inside it. There are also sterilizing tablets(no need to buy additional one) that are used within this bag in combination with water.


cold water sterilizer bag







They eliminate problem of transporting bulky sterilizing systems, microwave or steam sterilizer. This bag is a totally self-contained sterilizer unit lasting up to 24 hours, no need to rinse after sterilizing bottles will be ready for feeding. Rinsing will remove the power of sterilizer and leave bottle bare or unprotected.

Each bag has capacity holding maximum of 3-4 bottles at one time, wait for 15-30 minutes and bottles will be sterilized. After 24 hours then you have to discard or throw away bag and water solution, start a new bag.

It is great for traveling parents and occasional child minders. You sterilize for morning and evening in the same bag, absolutely brilliant for holidays when families are going see places. Below is a sterilizing box.


Baby bottle disposables


The bottle have nipples or teats which is flexible part that the baby will suck from, it should have a hole in the middle of it’s top part which allows milk to pass through into baby’s mouth, make sure baby is liking the size of the hole and gets enough milk. Bottle nipple is more like mother’s.







The nipples can be used and after use be sterilized but in case there is not enough time to clean, you can dispose them or throw them away and replace with new ones that come pre-sterilized.This is really nice, it saves time and makes feeding easy wherever you are anytime.


There is another part that goes over nipple which is called collar and typically screws onto neck of the bottle, forms a seal. It can also be sterilized after the have been used for sometime, failing which the can be disposed and be replaced with new collars that are pre- sterilized.


A cap is the top lid that covers nipples to keep them tidy and free from germs or any sort of contamination.This lid prevent anything contained in the bottle from leaking.

If the nipple is uncovered it might be exposed to virus and harmful bacteria which may cause illness if sucked by our infants. The caps as well can easily used, sterilized for maybe a month and then be disposed. You can buy new sterilized caps.


Baby bottle grip handle

When teaching your babies to hold their feeding bottle, bottle handle can help train your baby independence through self-feeding and practice their hand eye coordination during the process when the learn to grasp.

These handles are designed to fit feeding bottles, and are firm will not move even if the bottle is rotated. They also prevent leakage and allows baby to drink independently, shaped for little hands.


Best bottle drying racks and mat

Racks easily hold all shapes and sizes of baby accessories upright as the air dry on the flexible blades. Water drains into lower tray where it is completely contained. The two pieces of tray design are easy clean.








The design of drying mats, structured like flower stem allows you to hang up baby bottle parts for drying, water is also drained down and flows over mat which is easy to clean.

Dishwasher basket and bottle brush with stand

For bottle parts and accessories you can use dishwasher basket to sterilize. The parts are held in position in this basket during sterilizing.This allows thorough clean.








Brush has been designed for use with all standard and wide neck bottles. Some brushes features combination of bristle and sponge specifically to clean nipples with ease, while in some brushes there is only one of these. A storage stand is used to clip brush and place it near sink, to dry up. You can put brush in dishwasher for sterilizing.


Baby bottle top holders /caddy and food containers

Daily use of bottles may cover lot of space, usual bulky ineffective methods of storing baby bottles. You need to use caddy or holders for the storage. Instead of having cabinets overflowing with bottles. All bottles will be stored in one place saving space and kitchen will look tidy as everything will be in order.








No need to go all over the place like fridges and cabinets looking for bottles while your baby is hungry. Holders and caddy keep day’s bottles accessible well as food containers.They nicely store baby food ,formula and breast milk.







Baby bottle disinfected soaps

soaps are used for cleaning up .There are lot of  soaps brands. They are disinfected to kills viruses, germs, bacteria.


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  1. It is amazing to me how advanced and improved this baby bottle product is. The bottle liners, and the cleaning process along with all the other essentials provides for a sterile feeding process.Thanks for the review.

  2. They are really life savers. Even when baby care taker is away from home just need one bottle no need to take lots of them.The disposable liners keep baby bottle clean and safe for feeding.

  3. Wow… This is great for the traveling mom! Also, so many advances and upgrades to bottles since I’ve raised my nephew some 20 years ago! 😁

    • Thelse are very much important, if you like travelling you don’t have to worry about taking many bottles for whole day feeding , just one bottle is enough then liners and sterilizing bags. There you go! easy as that.

  4. I can’t confess to being any kind of expert on this, but it seems like you’ve given a perfectly reasoned description and review of these products and why mothers should carry and use them. The review is probably even more valuable to fathers as they have even less idea of what is currently on the market for baby. 🙂

    • Wow thank you Dave, the information here can be used by fathers also. Baby feeding is so easy with these contents. It doesn’t matter where you are, your baby still have to enjoy the milk.

  5. Thanks for a very informative article. My wife and I are having our second baby, so this post will really come in handy. It seems we did everythng wrong the first time around, and after reading about your tips and suggestions I’m going to book mark your article and go through it with my wife for sure.

    Thanks again for the pointers!

    • It’s about time Michel, use this information and do things differently, the right way. Using the article as reference will benefit you a lot. I am sure you are going to enjoy using this baby bottle products that makes feeding really easy.

  6. The disposable baby bottle is really convenient if you suffer washing glass baby bottle before. Every time I go travel, I wash the baby bottle every day. this is because I don’t know anything about the disposable baby bottle. If I know, I may be happier during the trip.

    After that, l learn something about this but still have some problem. My baby tries one time, she doesn’t drink the milk because the nipple is different. So, if you want to travel, please make sure you try the nipple before. If your baby doesn’t accept, it is no use.

    This post introduces many different aspects of the disposable baby bottle. If I read this post earlier, I think taking the baby during travel is not trouble anymore.

    Thank you for your sharing.

    • Hi CT, disposable baby bottle liners and sterilizing bags came to your rescue. If you like travelling, take one bottle with you, disposable liners and sterilizing bags. Feeding is easy and sterilizing bag will do the bottle cleaning for you. This is great staff, you will love them. This article because it’s going to make your parenting easy , I assure you.

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